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Business Finance Consultancy

Addis, Walker & Co is a registered Business Finance Consultant.

Using a Business Finance Consultant provides you with substantial advantages that traditional finance companies do not have.  These advantages can be divided into three different categories, which are:- extensive product knowledge covering all aspects of Business Finance, Extensive Customer Service , and the overall costs of doing business - Let's talk about product knowledge first!

To fully understand this advantage you must know exactly how a Business Finance Consultant's training differs from that of an independent finance company.  A "Business Finance Consultant" is thoroughly trained and certified by the U.K.'s oldest finance broker training company through the complete range of business finance and lease services.  Most people would be very surprised if they knew how little professional training the average finance broker actually has. This level of unique training ensures that the person handling your finance application has access to the most current information and finance construction techniques available in the market. Also, unlike the traditional bank executives who have to operate with extremely limited products, the Business Finance Consultant is continuously exposed to every possible facility from a wide range of funders. A Business Finance Consultant also receives substantial training on how to help and assist well-established businesses, businesses that are in the start up phase, or those that have a "Less Then Perfect" track record because of some past credit problems. Due to this training the Business Finance Consultant is often able to help business owners when other more conventional lenders simply fail them.

Whether you've experienced trouble meeting payroll, pressure on your overdraft or just want to upgrade your equipment, a Business Finance Consultant is your best opportunity to get the bespoke financing that matches your need. In addition, Business Finance Consultant's are not restricted to any one product base but have many at their disposal.  

If you are in need of a more 'Creative Approach', a Business Finance Consultant can also prepare the package for factoring your debtor book, providing trade finance and assist with the structuring of applications for the DTI small firms loan guarantee scheme and even finance your business contracts via a purchase order finance facility. In other words a BFC is the only source you will need for almost any type of business financing - the BFC quickly becomes your private funding solution.

 Our desire to provide a superior level of customer services is just as important as training and knowledge. For this reason, a BFC will spend as much time as is necessary to create an exclusive financing solution that is right and economical for your individual business requirements. Once your finance package has been initiated a BFC will represent you throughout the transaction so that you can focus on running your business. They also maintain contact with you throughout the application process so that you are always "IN THE LOOP" and able to follow your financing needs.

In fact, Business Finance Consultants regularly provide their clients with status reports to help keep them fully informed. By working with a BFC, you will know the progress of your application through every step and if you have ever dealt with the traditional lenders you will know that this is not normally the case. Most business owners will endure the entire application process either wondering what is going on or having to chase the lender to get answers from the people involved with the finance application because their original contact is not available to talk to them. However; BFC's understand these frustrations and the value of a superior and unique level of customer care and are focused on keeping you informed as the application proceeds through the process.

In addition to their knowledge and a firm desire to ensure your transaction progresses smoothly, a BFC can give you access to the most aggressive interest rates and loan terms available in the market. They have the ability to work with hundreds of bespoke lender programmes nationwide which enables them to offer you more funding options than you may have ever thought possible. By having access to a wide range of "NON-BANK OWNED FUNDERS" they are able to place your finance requirements with lenders who specialize in different areas of business finance. This allows the funders to provide you with the same facilities that are offered through the major clearing banks but without the restrictive criteria that the banks will impose on business owners. Many business owners have had to suffer the long and complicated process of putting a finance application to their bank. Lenders who work with the BFC make the process clear, straightforward, fast and easy. Since the lender usually compensates a BFC directly in the majority of finance applications, it costs you nothing to make use of these services. By working regularly with a BFC, borrowing for your business has never been easier!! 


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