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Other Types of Business Loan

Every business has five main components, which must be present in order for the business to operate successfully.  These components are, Personnel, Equipment, Housing, Products & Services and lastly but most importantly, CAPITAL. Capital is required if any of the remaining four components are to exist.

Business owners are often afraid of Banks and Commercial Lending Institutions, purely because they lack a basic knowledge of lenders and the way in which they work - a fear of the unknown.  A Business Finance Consultant (BFC) possesses knowledge of this 'lender territory' and also has the necessary contacts within this area, to give him the ability to secure financing for virtually any type of company! 

The deregulation of the banking industry has made new choices available that never existed previously; one of these being the availability of money, through untraditional funding sources.

The types of business funding available vary, depending on your specific business requirements. Here are  just a few of the Business Finance Transactions that can be arranged by a Business Finance Consultant:

If you are considering either the purchase or the construction of Commercial Property, we can offer you finance up to 95% and 100% (subject to additional security) of the total cost of the property, whether it is owner/user or strictly an investment, in some cases with no repayment of capital until completion. We have access to some of the most  aggressive programmes in the industry and with loan terms stretching to 25 years, you will be surprised how simple it is to own commercial property.

If you are planning to start a business, your best opportunity to obtain financing may be the assistance of a Business Finance Consultant. Through their network, they have provided capital for many start-up businesses nationwide.

A line of credit can be one of the most useful tools for a small business, however there are a number of obstacles in making an arrangement. A Business Finance Consultant can enable you to determine whether this is the right solution for you. Our experts will guide you through the transaction, every step of the way.

If you are considering the purchase of a franchise business, a Business Finance Consultant can also help.  Whether it is retail, service or manufacturing related, a Business Finance Consultant can help you to achieve your goals.

 A Business Finance Consultant can give your business access to a wide variety of financing options and more. With one telephone call, you can have dozens of lending sources competing. To provide your business with the finance it requires. Once you have experienced the high quality of customer service and competitive costs and after being presented with the wide selection of funding options, that are available, you will understand why many business owners see their Business Finance Consultant as their most important colleague who will operate as an extension to their client's business.

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